Holiday Hair Tool & Product Gift Sets

Chic hairstyles are a must for seasonal parties, and the right holiday hair gift set makes the perfect present for year-round style. Not sure what to get for your favorite person’s lovely locks? Here are four easy "cheat sheet" hair gift sets that will make shopping for presents feel as uncomplicated as a ponytail. These thoughtful hair product gift sets are easy to assemble DIY-style. They're ideal for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, and special celebrations.

The Curly Hair Gift Set

Curls are absolutely stunning, and naturally, anyone lucky enough to enjoy this unique hairstyle obviously wants to keep it in great shape. Be a curl cheerleader with this smart, simple collection of hair tools, each designed to help curls look their best.
  • A SMART-X™ High Efficiency Dryer uses graphene technology to deliver heat without sacrificing natural moisture, perfect for preventing brittleness and dull curls.
  • A SMART-X™ Diffuser is compatible with the SMART-X™ High Efficiency Dryer, adding a tapered, multi-nodule disc that "gently separates waves and curls" for more even heat disbursement and easy texture creation.
  • A Silk or Satin Pillowcase can help minimize or eliminate friction and hair breakage as they sleep. (It also feels luxurious and can double as a gift bag!)
  • A Satin Scrunchie Hair Tie makes another thoughtful, no-snag inclusion for DIY curly hair gift sets. These soft-to-the-touch elastic loops hold curls firmly but gently and won’t tangle up when they need to be removed.

The Straight Hair Gift Set

Is your gift recipient straight to the point, no-nonsense, and iconic? Their hair, that is. Buying holiday hair gift sets for loved ones with straight hair can feel challenging, but these are easy to DIY with a little insider knowledge. Here’s what your straight-haired friend, family member, or significant other really wants:
  • A OnePass® Styling Iron will create swift, smooth results at their fingertips. They’ll love their flyaway-free hair after only a few passes from this advanced flat iron.
  • A Bio Ionic Powerlight 2-Piece Dryer Set will make drying hair so fast and easy that stray hairs don’t even have a chance to go awry.
  • A Bottle of Shine-Enhancing Oil or Serum specifically designed for their hair type will not only help lock in moisture but will also make their hair look red carpet-ready at the same time!
  • An Ergonomic Handle Hairbrush will make knot-taming and drying-while-brushing much easier on the wrist, elbow, and shoulder. These are the hair tools the pros rely on!

The Color-Treated Hair Gift Set

Color is a fantastic way to add a bold, fresh look to a familiar hairstyle without the need for drastic cutting and shaping. Show your loved one that you support their individual artistic expression with this DIY collection of gifts, designed to extend and protect their hair color.
  • Bio Ionic 2-in-1 Style & Shine Cream is more than just color-safe prep for hair; it’s also a secret weapon for a gorgeous shine. This generously sized tube ensures your lucky gift recipient can protect as they primp their color-treated hair.
  • A Bio Ionic Baby Powerlight Rose Limited Edition Hair Dryer indulges their love for color — even outside their hair — with an eye-catching pink floral print. These must-have hair tools from Bio Ionic take a walk on the fashionable side and will leave your recipient smiling every time they use them.
  • They'll appreciate a can of their favorite Dry Shampoo. This absolute miracle of a hair product keeps any hairstyle looking fresh while minimizing the need to constantly shampoo, extending the life of the color.
  • Include a bottle of Color Intensifying Conditioner in their preferred brand and color. These hair care products feature a small amount of dye redeposited on the roots while the user shampoos and conditions their hair.

The Jet Setter Holiday Hair Gift Set

If your gift recipient’s passport has more stamps than the post office, they will need a DIY hair product gift set built for being on the go. Here’s what to get the friend, family member, or partner who has everything but also wants to look stunning no matter where they land.
  • The Bio Ionic GoldPro Travel Dryer has a flip-down handle that makes it a perfect fit for even the most tightly packed carry-on or overnight bag.
  • A Bio Ionic Thermal Station Mat is also easy to simply roll up and tuck into luggage. This durable mat prevents expensive burn damage from heated hair tools placed on hotel or Airbnb bathroom counters.
  • A set of Travel Hair Product Containers is always an excellent idea. Users can fill or refill these squeezable silicone mini bottles or tubes with their own hair care products before a trip. This eliminates the need to buy costly travel-size items or risk confiscation at the TSA checkpoint.
  • A BlueWave™ NanoIonic™ Conditioning Brush will keep their hair looking amazing no matter where their destination may be — even if a red-eye flight is unavoidable.
No matter which of these holiday hair gift sets you present to your recipient, one thing is undeniable: They’re going to love everything inside. Not handy with wrapping paper? No problem: Just tuck your DIY hair product gift set of choice in a decorative basket or travel bag for a reusable finishing touch.