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How to Protect Hair From Heat Damage When Styling

If you're wondering "What does heat-damaged hair look like?" think about the last time you had dry, frizzy hair that was prone to breakage and split ends. When you're dealing with dry hair, you have two options: Take extra time to treat your hair or cut it off and start over. Avoid the hassle by learning how to prevent heat damage on hair.

Step One: Pick the Right Protectant

When you step out of the shower, don't immediately hit your hair with the blow-dryer. A blow-dryer can reach temperatures of over 400 degrees, sucking the moisture out of your hair and leaving you with dry, damaged strands that ruin your style. Instead, apply a protectant before you get started. These protectants leave you with healthy, nourished hair or can help accentuate your updo.
  • High Speed Blow Dry Primer: Before you blow-dry your hair, use this primer to shield your hair from the heat and help to reduce blow-drying time, without the typical alcohol ingredients in other blow-dry primers that may dry out hair. The spray moisturizes your hair with grapeseed oil while seaberry enhances shine. To use, spray the primer on your hair in sections, then comb your hair to prepare for drying and styling.
  • Ultra Moisturizing Styling Primer: The desert island product-of-choice for those who already have damaged, dry hair. This primer has a thicker formula that protects strands from heat while also locking out humidity to prevent frizz. Nourishing ingredients such as grapeseed oil and coconut oil deliver a nourishing boost of moisture. Just make sure you apply the primer while your strands are damp to get the full effect.
Before applying the product to your entire head, experiment with a small section to ensure it's the right product for your hair. Some hair responds better to lightweight primer mists, while others prefer a rich cream.

Step Two: Don't Set Tools Too Hot

If you're in a hurry, you might be tempted to blast your hair with the highest temperature. A high temperature makes your hair dry quickly, right? While you might speed up the process, you'll damage the strands with heat that destroys the moisture, leaving you with dry, broken hair with split ends and frizz. Even a protectant won't entirely shield your hair if you choose the wrong temperature. Never start with the highest temperature. You might be running late, but it's better to delay your appearance now than deal with ruined hair later. Instead, start with a medium temperature, then slowly lower the temperature as your hair dries. Blasting the strands with the same temperature throughout the process also causes damage. On a similar note, hold the dryer six inches away from your head. Even on a lower setting, a close blast of heat leads to breakage and split ends. Let your hair cool after it dries before you use a styling iron. As you dry your hair, use a brush specifically made for hair drying, like the Graphene MX Boar Styling Brush. Because the barrel is infused with Graphene, the barrel quickly and evenly conducts heat when used with a dryer - helping to speed up dry time without having to turn up the heat. The wrong brush could break your strands, forcing you to rethink your hairstyle. A suitable brush keeps your hair moisturized during the process so you don't end up with a headful of split ends.

Step Three: Seal Your Look

Once you've dried your hair, use your favorite sealant to lock in moisture and prevent environmental damage.
  • 2-in-1 Style and Shine Cream: Nourish your curls with this cream that protects the strands from heat damage, reducing dryness, breakage and split ends. This product shields your hair from temperatures up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for use with the Graphene MX Dryer. Apply this cream to the strands from mid-shaft to ends to take advantage of natural ingredients and extracts.
  • Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream: Reduce frizz and prevent heat damage at the same time with this cream. Natural extracts and oils moisturize your hair while the formula seals the cuticle, keeping humidity from ruining your style. Blow-dry your hair after applying this cream while the strands are still damp, then optionally use a Bio Ionic styling iron. This product is best for people with coarser or frizzier hair.
Everyone has their own routine, but some home stylists use a combination of moisturizers and butters to protect their curls. Depending on your hair’s needs, choose a styling enhancing product to help seal in your hair’s moisture and address your additional needs. Just make sure you don't seal your hair too often to prevent buildup. When you seal your hair, focus on your ends, which are most prone to breakage. Don't touch your hair right away — give the strands time to absorb the moisture before you start styling.

Step Four: How To Repair Heat-Damaged Hair

When it's too late, you can still salvage your hair. Your hair will bounce and shine again instead of dry and frizz. Learn how to repair heat-damaged natural hair by following these tips.
  • Use a product from Bio Ionic’s Styling Enhancing Collection, depending on your hair type, to help mitigate hair damage when styling, like the Ultra Moisturizing Styling Primer to repair hair as you style while reducing the appearance of frizz and split ends.
  • Buy a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for heat-damaged hair. These products hydrate and nourish your hair with vitamins to reverse dehydration.
  • If you're not styling your hair any time soon, cut off the split ends and wait for your hair to grow out. You might even prefer the shorter hairstyle.
  • Eat a healthier diet rich in protein and nutrients to give your hair a natural shine. A balanced diet also encourages hair growth and makes the strands full and thick.

Now that you've learned how to protect your hair from heat, shop Bio Ionic to find the best heat protectant for hair. Bio Ionic's product line also includes blow-dryers, flat irons, paddles, brushes and curling wands. Stock up on Bio Ionic products for a cohesive hair styling routine.