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Re-Create These 3 Met Gala-Inspired Looks

This year’s Met Gala did not disappoint! Filled with fashion, celebrities came looking their very best from head-to-toe. While the fashion was definitely something to note, we were obsessed with the hair glam - from over the top to simple and subdued! Keep scrolling for simple tutorials of the 3 top trending celebrity looks!

Amanda Seyfried’s Voluminous Disco Curls

Using the 1” Long Barrel Step 1: Use the 1” curling iron to curl your hair. Twist your wrist as you go, hold for 10 seconds and let it go.  Step 2: Working in sections, brush your curls out and make sure to tease them for volume.  Step 3: Once you’ve completed curling the whole head, use hairspray to expand the curls- adding even more volume!

Dua Lipa’s Glossy Loose Waves

Using the 10X Iron & 1.5” Long Barrel For this look, alternate between the 10X Iron and the 1.5” Long Barrel to create loose texture.  Step 1: Start by taking large sections, rocking your flat iron up and down while moving down the section creating waves.  Step 2: For the next section, use the 1.5” curling iron to create loose curls. This will create the perfect glossy waves!

Emily Ratajkowski’s Fresh Fringe and Loose Mermaid Waves

Using the 10X Iron & 1” Long Barrel Step 1: Using the 1” curling iron, take small sections of the hair, alternating directions of each curl.  Step 2: Set each curl with a texture spray, using your fingers to shake them apart. Make sure not to use a brush/comb to maintain the most definition possible. Step 3: Using the 10X iron, flatten your bangs (especially if they tend to separate). Step 4:  Create a ponytail and finish off with hairspray for a lasting hold.

The Met Gala is something we look forward to all year! The styles are so inspiring - but also achievable!