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Top Hairstyles and Color Trends To Try

The burning questions on everyone's lips right now are: What color should I dye my hair? What is the trending hairstyle? In 2022, people have tossed out the old rule book in favor of customization. They're learning what looks suit their face shape, skin tone and preferences, but that doesn't mean there aren't some clear-cut trending hair colors and styles. From rainbow-colored fades to rust-colored waist-length waves, here are the hottest styling and hair color trends of 2022.

How To Choose Hair Color and Style

Before learning about this year's most-wanted looks, find the best trending hairstyle and color that suit your look. Here's a quick overview of how to select them:


Let's look at the six main face shapes and how to style hair for each one:
  • Oval: This long face has a wide forehead and slender cheekbones that taper into a narrow chin. Great styles for this shape include the pixie cut, square bob, full fringe, shoulder-length waves and long layers.
  • Square: This face shape's equal length and width have a strong jaw and minimal chin curve. Wavy shags, long layers with a fringe, side-swept bangs and wispy fringes suit this face shape.
  • Heart: This short face has a pointed chin and forehead wider than the cheeks. If this sounds like you, try a chin-length bob with narrow bangs or long, wavy layers.
  • Round: Flat cheekbones are the widest part of this equally wide and long face. Any style that elongates the face or draws the eye outwards works well. Think a long bob, long straight hair or a shorter afro style.
  • Oblong: This long, angular face has a wide, square jaw and strong features. Feathered fringes, angles and long layers soften edges and complement strong features.
  • Diamond: This shape features a narrow forehead with high cheekbones and a narrow, pointy chin. Use face-framing layers or short-cropped styles to show off those cheekbones.


When choosing hair color, match your shade to your skin tone. To determine this, look at your wrist's veins. If they're green, your skin tone is warm. Blue veins mean your skin tone is cool, while people with a neutral skin tone have veins that match their skin. Let's look at how to color match hair with skin tone in 2022 fashion:
  • Warm skin tones: Champaign, beige, sand, ash, silver, ice and platinum
  • Neutral skin tones: Copper, rust, russet, strawberry blonde, pastels and grays
  • Cool skin tones: Butterscotch, honey, amber, caramel, gold and rich chocolate
Naturally, think about other important considerations when selecting your look. If you live an active lifestyle, opt for shorter styles, aggressive layers or an undercut. Texture also plays a key role. Generally speaking, the thicker your hair, the more layers you can add. Finer hair tends to work better with short, choppy styles, while thicker hair suits longer, beachier looks beautifully.

Eye-Catching Hair Color Trends of 2022

In 2022, it's all about hues and layers of color. One of the hottest trends right now is the '70s throwback, which shifts from all-over color to highlights, balayage and enhanced natural color. However, hair products have come a long way since the '70s, so we're moving toward more daring tones. Redheads are also enjoying a major resurgence this summer. Here are some top color trends for 2022 to consider:
    • Silver fox: No matter how old you are, your skin tone or face shape, silver streaks, tips and shading are huge in 2022.
    • Mahogany red: Deep, blood-red tones look awesome running through blonde, brown or black hair. Remember Christina Aguilera's Y2K look? It's come back.
    • Money piece highlights: Money piece highlights are all the rage right now. Find the best color for your skin tone and frame your face with that pop of color to accentuate your features and brighten your eyes.
Money Piece Highlights @sabrinaxmichele19
  • Jewel tones: Pastel rainbow, manga-inspired shades are popular this season and look awesome on blonde, silver and gray hair.

Top Curly Hair Styles

If you're wondering how to style curly hair in summer 2022, here's all the inspiration you need:
    • Fro-hawk: Slick sides and a high, voluminous top add height and definition to your face while looking effortlessly edgy and cool.
    • Space buns: Leave exaggerated bangs in front and style to high buns for an ultra-cute and convenient look.
    • Low fade: This style with a head full of luscious, curly locks is a popular choice for all genders in 2022.
    • Go big or go home: The bigger, curlier and bouncier, the better. Grow out your natural hair and wear it with pride.
Woman with natural waves and curls @nieseyshair

Top Straight Hair Styles

Let's look at some of the coolest trending straight hairstyles in 2022:
    • Venus on the half-shell: Long, flowing waves are big this season. People are prioritizing volume over gloss for a timeless, easy-to-achieve look.
Woman with long, flowing waves. @romina_hairstyles
  • Choppy layers: No matter how long, straight, coiled or short your hair is — choppy layers are in.
  • Mullet: The '80s are making a comeback, possibly thanks to the new "Top Gun" movie. Men and women are opting for "business in the front, party at the back," and we're here for it.
  • Viking chic: Brad Pitt and Jamie Dornan have officially brought the Viking look back. Grow your beard as thick as you can, shape it to a point and slick back those long tresses for the ultimate Thor aesthetic.

Craziest Hairstyles of 2022

In 2022, what everyone once deemed "crazy" is now mainstream. That means you have to go to great lengths to prove yourself as a true rebel and trendsetter:
  • Textured fringe with a shaved hairline
  • Braided side parting with rainbow colors
  • The reverse fade
  • Dyed spider braids with an undercut
Whether you opt for a wacky hairstyle or keep it timeless, this guide can help you get one step ahead of the crowd and find the look best suited to your individual style.