Get The Most Out of Your SMART-X™

Get optimum performance out of your Bio Ionic SMART-X™ High Efficiency Dryer by utilizing these cleaning cycle tips from Joel Calfee!

Run Your Cleaning Cycles!

You should be running a cleaning cycle at least once a day if you’re using it behind the chair, or once a week if you’re using it at home. It all starts with a visual inspection of your filter cap; clean as necessary. Next, pop that off and take a look at the micro filter. If you see a lot of debris build-up, use the cleaning brush that came with the Smart-X™ blow dryer to remove it. Hold down the negative air speed button for 10 seconds while the dryer is turned off. This will engage the cleaning cycle, reversing the airflow by sucking in from the front and blowing out from the back. The cleaning cycle will run automatically for 15 seconds before it turns itself off. Do this once a day and your Smart-X™ will remain in great shape!

Use Isopropyl Alcohol for Extra Residue

If you see heavy build-up around your micro filter, take some isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab and utilize that to get out any extra product residue that may be remaining. Follow that up with a cleaning cycle, throw your cap back on, and you’re ready to go!

Check out the instructions for more detailed information on how to properly care for your Smart-X™!

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