How to Use a Bio Ionic Curling Iron: Get Salon-Worthy Results at Home!

Your Curls. Your Way.

The world of curls is vast! Consider the look you're aiming for before diving in on how to use a curling iron. Here are some popular options: 

  • Classic Curls (suggested barrel size: 1 inch): Tight, bouncy curls for a vintage or glamorous look. A 1-inch curling iron offers control for defined curls. 
  • Beachy Waves (suggested barrel size: 1.25 inch): Effortless waves for a relaxed vibe. A 1.25-inch barrel is ideal for creating these loose, natural-looking waves. 
  • Loose Curls/Tousled Waves (suggested barrel size: 1.5 inch): Achieve voluminous waves with a 1.5-inch curling iron, perfect for a carefree style. 
  • Tight Curls (suggested barrel size: ¾ inch): Define tight curls with a ¾-inch curling iron for beautiful results. 

The type of curling iron you choose, and your curling technique will depend on your desired hairstyle.

Curling Like a Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Curl Hair with This Curling Iron

Now that you know your curl goals, let's get down to business! Here's a general guide on how to curl hair with a curling iron: 

Step 1: Prep Work

  • Ensure your hair is completely dry and brushed through. 
  • Apply a heat protectant spray to minimize heat damage. 

Step 2: Heat Up and Section

  • Plug in your curling iron and set the temperature according to your hair type (consult your user manual for temperature recommendations). 
  • While the iron heats up, separate your hair into manageable sections, using clips if desired.

Step 3: Start Curling!

  • Take a small section of hair (size will vary depending on desired curl tightness). 
  • Clamp the iron down near the roots. 
    • Classic Curls: Wrap the hair section around the barrel tightly, holding it for 5-10 seconds.
    • Beachy Waves: Wrap the hair section loosely around the barrel, holding for a few seconds and letting go before the curl fully sets. 
    • Loose Curls: Wrap the hair section around the barrel with moderate tightness, holding for 3-7 seconds. 
    • Tousled Waves: Wrap medium-sized sections loosely, alternating directions for texture. Hold for a few seconds before gently releasing. 
    • Tight Curls: Wrap very small sections of hair very tightly around a small-barreled curling iron, holding for 10-15 seconds. 

Step 4: Release and Style

  • Gently release the clamp and unwind the curl. Be careful not to pull or tug on the hot hair. 
  • Let the curl cool completely before touching it. 
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all hair sections, alternating curling directions for a natural look.

Finishing Touches

  • Once all hair is curled, use your fingers to gently break up the curls for a natural look. 
  • Apply a light hairspray for hold, if desired. 

The Power of Long Barrel Curling Irons

For faster styling and ultimate versatility, consider our Long Barrel Curling Iron. Wondering how to use a long barrel curling iron? Here's how it can benefit you: 

  • Faster Styling: Wrap more hair around the barrel in one go, reducing styling time, especially for long or thick hair. 
  • Versatility: Achieve various curl patterns by adjusting your technique: 
    • Loose, Beachy Waves: Wrap larger sections loosely around the barrel vertically for a relaxed vibe. 
    • Soft Curls on Shorter Hair: Use the long barrel vertically and wrap smaller sections for soft, bouncy curls.

Does This Curling Iron Have Auto Shut-Off?

Safety is a priority! Yes, most of our curling irons feature an auto shut-off function. Always double-check and turn off the iron when not in use. 

Remember, practice makes perfect! With a little know-how and our guide on how to use our Bio Ionic curling irons and the Long Barrel Curling Iron, you can be a curling pro in no time and achieve salon-worthy curls from the comfort of your home!