The Ultimate Guide To Blow Dry Hair Without Damage

Is there anything better than the feeling of a fresh blowout? A salon-quality blow dry can make you feel like a million bucks. But if you're doing it at home, it's easy to worry about damage and frizz. The good news is, with the right tools and technique, you can master the art of blow drying your hair at home while keeping it healthy and gorgeous.

Is there a way to blow dry your hair properly?

Yes! It all comes down to using the right technique, tools, and products. The best way to blow dry hair is to start with damp (not sopping wet) hair, use a heat protectant, and work in sections. We'll dive into the details in just a bit. But first, let's make sure you have the right equipment.

The Tools You Need To Blow Dry your Hair

  • A quality blow dryer: Look for one with multiple heat settings and a cool shot button. Our SMART-X™ High Efficiency Dryer is the perfect choice, drying hair 75% faster, using more air pressure and less heat for an overall healthier dry.
  • A heat protectant: This is essential to shield your hair from the blow dryer's heat. There are many types, from sprays to creams.
  • A round brush (for straight hair): The size of the brush depends on your hair length and the style you're going for. A larger brush will create more volume and a smoother look.
  • A diffuser (for curly hair): This attachment helps disperse airflow evenly and minimizes frizz while drying curls.
  • Clips or hair ties: To section your hair and make the process easier.

How to Blow Dry Your Hair

How To Blow Dry Straight Hair

  1. Start with damp hair: Towel-dry or air-dry your hair until it's about 80% dry.
  2. Apply heat protectant: This will help minimize heat damage.
  3. Section your hair: Divide your hair into manageable sections using clips.
  4. Use the right technique: Start blow drying from the roots, working your way down the length of your hair with the brush. Point the nozzle downwards to smooth the cuticle and reduce frizz.
  5. Finish with a cool shot: Once your hair is dry, use the cool shot button to set your style and lock in shine.

How To Blow Dry Curly Hair

  1. Prep your hair: Apply a leave-in conditioner or styling cream to help define your curls.
  2. Attach the diffuser: This will help prevent frizz and encourage your natural curl pattern.
  3. Dry in sections: Gently cup sections of your hair into the diffuser, using low heat and speed settings.
  4. Avoid touching your hair: The more you touch your curls while drying, the more likely they are to frizz.
  5. Let it air dry slightly: Once your curls are mostly dry, let them air dry the rest of the way to minimize heat damage.

Tips & Tricks to Avoid Heat Damage and Frizz

  • Don't blow dry sopping wet hair: Your hair is more fragile when wet, so let it air dry a bit before blow drying.
  • Use a heat protectant: This is essential to shield your hair from heat damage.
  • Use a lower heat setting: High heat can damage your hair, so use the lowest setting that will effectively dry your hair.
  • Don't over-dry your hair: Once your hair is dry, stop blow drying. Over-drying can lead to frizz and dryness.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb: This will help prevent breakage, especially for curly hair.
  • Get regular trims: This will help keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends, which can worsen with heat styling.

With these tips and tricks, you can master the art of blow drying your hair at home without sacrificing its health. Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, or something in between, the right technique and tools can help you achieve a salon-worthy blowout that you'll love.